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How to safeguard hardwood floors from scratches & spills

by Patricia White 01/22/2024

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Hardwood floors are a highly desired feature in a house and for many, are a sought after detail when in the home buying market. 

In theory, hardwood floors are easier to maintain in comparison to carpet because they are way less absorbent and can be cleaned with a simple towel or sweeping. However, with time, it’s easy for hardwood floors to become scuffed and for patches of color to fade away. This is why it's imperative to maintain proper treatment to keep your hardwood floors gorgeous for years. 

Try not to clean your floors with water 

Bear in mind, wood is an organic product, so the use of water can affect its cellular structure. Over time, this may include swelling of the wood and possible decay. If you need some sort of intense clean, you can use a lightly damp mop, rung out for excess water; however it’s best to abstain from using water on your hardwood floors altogether. 

Instead, opt for sweeping and periodically vacuuming your hardwood floors to remove dirt and dust. 

Make your floors pet friendly 

Even though beloved pets such as cats and dogs can be a joy to have in the home, their claws and dirt tracked in from the outside can put wear and tear on your hardwood floors. To prevent floors from being scratched up by your pet's claws, consider using the following tips and tricks: 

  • Lay rugs or mats in areas your pet tends to rest and play. 
  • Trim claws on a consistent basis. 
  • If you’re installing a hardwood floor, consider purchasing wood highly ranked on the Janka Hardness Scale. 

Use scuff protectors on the legs of your furniture

Every time you sit on or rearrange furniture, pieces that have legs can cause scuff marks and scratches on your hardwood floors. To protect your floor from this stress, consider adding protectors to the legs of your furniture. 

Some of these protectors are stickers that go unnoticed at the bottom of the furniture leg, while others almost appear sock like. 

By using the aforementioned tips, you can keep your hardwood floors beautiful and clean for years to come.

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